SMITH & WESSON MODEL625JM "Jerry Miculek" Professional (JMP) Series STAINLESS 45ACP USED (63186)


(63186) THIS IS A USED SMITH & WESSON 625JM CHAMBERED IN 45ACP. IT IS IN VERY GOOD USE CONDITION WITH VIRTUALLY NO SCRATCHES, MARKS. IT HAS BEEN FIRED. THIS REVOLVER HAS A 4" BARREL, GOLD BEAD PARTRIDGE FRONT SIGHT, ADJUSTABLE REAR SIGHT, LOW REFLECTIVE BEAD BLAST FINISH, AND SPECIAL WOODEN GRIP DESIGNED BY JERRY MICULEK. IT HAS A "MICULEK" STYLE .265" WIDE GROOVED SPEED TRIGGER, FIVE FULL MOON CLIPS FOR ULTRA-FAST JM STYLE RELOADS, THE ORIGINAL BOX AND MANUAL. Jerry Miculek knows a little about ultra-fast performance. His record 12 shots, two loads of six with a reload in between, in under three seconds set the standard for speed shooting. S&W and Jerry Miculek have collaborated to design a revolver to deliver ultra-fast performance. (ORIGINAL MODEL NUMBER 160936)
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