Standard Mfg DP12 12g Black 18.88" 3" 14+2 NEW (DP-12)


(DP12) This is a new Standard Manufacturing DP12 semi-automatic shotgun chambered in 12g. This pump action shot gun features double 18.88" barrels. It has an optics ready receiver, 14+2 capacity, 3" chamber, spreader muzzle, tru-choke choke configuration, black receiver, rubber recoil pad and a weight of 9.75 lbs. The innovative design and guaranteed functionality of Standard Manufacturing's DP-12 is well ahead of its time. The DP-12 is a premium defense, double-barreled, pump 12-gauge shotgun that quickly fires 16 rounds. It is designed for the most discerning shooters who demand extreme firepower and require consistent reliability. The spreader choke tubes have a have Tru-Choke thread pattern and are designed to shoot a devastating pattern at 25 yards. The stock has a QR code you can scan with your smartphone or tablet to download the manual and other information.
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