Rock Island AL22 22 LR 9-Round 4" Blued Steel NEW (AL22B)


( AL22B) This is a new Rock Island AL22 Single-Double action revolver chambered in 22 Long Rifle. This rifle features a fixed ramp front sight, adjustable rear sight, 9 Round capacity, blued steel frame, black rubber grips, exposed hammer, transfer bar safety, and a weight of 3.18 lbs. It has a 4" barrel. The AL22 revolver consists of a frame wherein a barrel is firmly screwed inside the shroud of the barrel and wherein the indexing mechanism of the cylinder, as well as the triggering and striking mechanisms are accommodated. The cylinder (having a central cartridge extractor) is pivoted on a crane. The handle of the revolver is provided with screwed grip plates that are exchangeable.
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