Custom .260 Ackley Imp, Blueprinted 700 by Mike Stern, Leupold Mk5 5-25 CCH


Custom .260 Ackley Imp Blueprinted 700 by Mike Stern 19” Shilen .264 1:8 4-Grove Ratchet Allen Engineering AE30 Custom bolt knob and spiral fluting by LRI Barrel spiral fluting by LRI Custom bolt shroud by LRI Melonite coating by LRI Trigger Tech Special flat shoe adj LaRue 20 MOA extended base Spuhr 5006 Leupold Mk5 5-25 CCH XLR Envy Pro XLR Recoil Reduction Weight XLR NV Rail XLR Nose Extension Atlas BT-46 PSR bi-pod Area 419 Railcharger Warhorse Clede X **Redding Comp die set** 5 AI mags 200 unformed Lapua cases 300 formed cases (1-3x fired) 1,400 never loaded Hornady 143 eld-x 300 loaded 143 eld-x 5 lbs RL17 2,000 BR-2 primers Odds and ends. Ammo boxes, loading equipment, brushes… Load data and any help I have just shy of $10k into everything listed here, and will let it go for $6,500 delivered to your door, lower 48, tax stamp is on you, and it’s up to you to know your state laws. Don’t even bother talking to me if you can’t own this or aren’t able to transfer the NFA parts. If you want the rifle and not the suppressor, you can take $500 off the asking price.
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