Did you know?? 

We Are A Class III
We are a Class III FFL dealer, which means we sell suppressors and Class III Firearms! We try to make the process as easy as possible for you. We do only sell to SD residents.
Brands We Have In Stock:
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 SilencerCo Advanced Armament (AAC)   
 GemTech Ruger   
 Yankee Hill (YHM) Sig Sauer   
 Surefire  Special Orders Available!   
  Dead Air Silencers    
 1. Must be 21 years of age   
 2. Must be a SD resident 
 3. Be able to pass a standard background check. If you can purchase a gun, you can purchase a suppressor   
 How The Process Works:
 1. Choose your silencer. You can pick from what we have in stock, or we can special order anything you'd like.  
 2. We will take your photos  
 3. We will provide you with two fingerprint cards. The Sheriff's department will complete the fingerprint cards.  
 4. We will complete your paperwork for you 
 5. Pay the for suppressor in full  
 6. Include a $200 payment (check or credit card) for the BATFE  
 We look forward to helping you with your purchase. Please call with any questions (605) 692-2013