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USED FIREARMS HAVE A 3 DAY NON-FIRE INSPECTON PERIOD. If you are returning a firearm, it has to be sent back unfired, in the same condition, and with ALL of the PACKAGE CONTENTS that were shipped with the gun. All new guns are warrantied by the manufacturer. If you purchase a new firearm, it has to be serviced by the MANUFACTURER. We are not a warranty service center. We agree to a 10% restocking fee under certain conditions. When returning a firearm, please note that the shipping and credit card handling fee will not be refunded. Please ask us about any other policies that you don't understand.

Shipping to States with Special Requirements

California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusettes, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC and possibly more states have special requirements. Each state has different rules and regulations and many states of these states have restrictions as to what you can and can not own. We do not know each state's laws and regulations. Finding out your state's laws are up to you.

When ordering from one of these states, you will need to verify with your local FFL dealer if the Firearm is legal before we will ship it to them. After verifying that the gun is legal, we have no problem shipping inside of these states. If you order a firearm without checking to see if it is legal, and we ship the gun to your dealer only to find it is not legal, the gun will have to be returned to us at the customer's expense. All shipping costs will be forfeited. Please ask your FFL dealer before ordering any firearm if you are located in one of these states.

California has a search engine to verify legal handguns. Here is a link to the website:


All firearms have to be shipped to a FFL dealer in your state. Your FFL dealer will preform your background check, etc. We have a FFL dealer locater on our website if you are unaware of who to ship the order to.

For your convenience we accept money orders, cashiers checks, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover), and bank transfers as forms of payment. {{We DO NOT accept personal checks.}} Please note that when paying with a credit card OR debit card, there is an additional handling fee of 3% of the price with shipping listed in the ad. This fee will be waived when making your purchase with cash forms of payment. (Money orders, cashiers checks, & bank transfers)

All firearms, with the exception of black powder, must be sent to a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer (FFL). We will need legible copy of your receiving dealer's FFL either mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to us before we are able to ship out your gun. We ship the next business day after we receive your payment and FFL. We ship handguns  for $30.00 except for Hawaii and Alaska Adult Signatures and Insurance are included in shipping fees. We ship long guns via UPS Ground. Adult signature and insurance are also included in the price of the shipping long guns. All of our guns are well boxed and packaged to insure a safe delivery. All of our long guns are shipped at a flat rate of $20.00 except for Hawaii and Alaska which are usually around $40.00.

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